Can't install HP 1020 printer driver (17.10)

yeah, don’t know what the issue is. the ppd always downloaded fine from “HP’s authorized server” (but it’s been months since my last hplip install since 17.04. (and yes I did install hplip-gui)

Some output (notice the apparently [blank] download server location):

Checking for network connection...
Downloading plug-in from:
Plugin is not accessible. Trying to download it from fallback location: []
error: /home/user/.hplip/ file does not match its checksum. File may have been corrupted or altered

error: The device you are trying to setup requires a binary plug-in. Some functionalities may not work as expected without plug-ins. Please run 'hp-plugin' as normal user to install plug-ins. Visit for more infomation.

And yes, same thing happens with: $ hp-plugin

You know (future you), you should really check hplip compatibility for new distro’s before installing new distro’s.


See also:

I haven’t been checking, but It appears that 17.10 is now compatible with HPLIP. There’s no dates on the changelog page :rolling_eyes:, so I have no idea when v3.17.11 of HPLIP added support for 17.10.

@wolfman, when you do you anticipate HPLIP compatibility with 18.04 – a couple months after 18.04’s release perhaps? A client with a new ssd wants to migrate data from his hdd 16.04 install. I figure it’s best waiting at least 2 months to do this considering the nightmare of resizing luks lvm partitions and simply do a clean install of 18.04 and manually copy over the backed-up Documents, etc in the home folder (and after confirming HPLIP is indeed compatible with 18.04 at this point.)

Hi Daniel,

I really don’t know as that would be out of my pay-grade?. I would think that it is in the interest of the manufacturers to keep support going but they might decide not to bother?. :smiley:

Btw I’m still waiting for an update on this and I’m starting to lose hope. :slight_frown:

18.04’s hplip package is stale and v3.18.4 (the release that only has “18.04 beta” support) apparently hasn’t been merged yet. @Wimpy: can you shed some light on a potential update? Are you discussing an update when “full support” is available for 18.04?

I also found another item that has a regression. Client has a Canon canoscan lide 100 scanner, and libsane apparently has serious regression issues post 16.04’s package. Granted the 1020 printer and the 100 scanner are old hardware, it makes me think the only option is to stay with 16.04 until EOL, or buy a new printer/scanner combo.


I’ve got an update on this: the default hplip package installed on 18.04 LTS is actually compatible with this printer. I never actually ordered a new printer (and why not considering it still works fine with replacement cartridges.) However, getting it to work still requires a manual download of HP’s proprietary .ppd file. “foo2zjs” or whatever sourced driver included by default fails spectacularly. Here’s the rundown of how I installed:

  1. update OS and connect printer
  2. let it finish “configuring” before doing anything (:radioactive: don’t click “print test page” because the printer gui will segfault :radioactive:)
  3. in the printer gui settings, right click and delete the printer
  4. install hplip-gui
  5. $ per terminal run: hp-setup
  6. follow the onscreen instructions and download driver from HP’s “authorised” server. (This could fail depending on things like how busy MIT’s keyserver is atm. If so, restart over again.)
  7. enter sudo pw (thank you @lah7 for providing the livecd one if you’re just testing :roll_eyes: ), install, done, set as “default” printer. Now print test page or anything.

Suggestion for @wimpy or other QA people: go back and look at the HP printers (the 1020 in this case) that require a proprietary .ppd and exclude them from the auto-install using foo2zjs or other drivers.