Control Center is partially translated (in french)

Not sure this should go in Translations and/or if it’s a general issue or only in a few languages.

I use Mate in french. In language settings, I have french above all (and english below), have installed the french language packs and have applied the settings system-wide. So, my system should be entirely in french.

Yet, the Control Center displays some entries in english, like “Network”, “Printers”, “Software and updates” and so on. Some are in french as expected but ~15 stay in english.

I first thought the issue came from the corresponding launchers (in /usr/share/applications), as checking their content I can only see the generic english name and no translations (no Name[fr] line). But I’ve just noticed that all the launchers are correctly translated in the System menu.

So I don’t really understand 1) where the menu gets its translated launchers names from and 2) why the Control Center doesn’t get them.

Any idea as to what is happening exactly?

EDIT : I should add that from what I remember, the issue wasn’t there in Ubuntu Mate 15.10 (Mate 1.10) but I first noticed it when using the PPA to update to Mate 1.12. I then removed it and all was fine again. Then, it happened again after upgrading to Ubuntu Mate 16.04. Would it be an issue specific to Mate Control Center 1.12?

Bonjour @terzag,

I have the same problem with my German installation where not all the items in Control Centre are in German, the majority are but I cannot change it so have just left it alone!. :frowning:

If you like, please take a look at the language guide but don’t put your hopes up!:

I tried to remove english from the languages settings and keep only french but nothing changed.

I really think this has to do with the content of the launchers (.desktop files) as I’ve checked a few ones and those that display with a translation have it there while those that display in english only have a generic english name. That would be the logical explanation and the fix would be to update the launchers.

But I’m really puzzled by the fact that the same launchers display translated in the system menu, this makes absolutely no sense.

EDIT: just noticed that the untranslated ones have a line with X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain. This is very likely (part of) the explaination.

I opened a bug report on Launchpad just in case. We’ll see where this goes.

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Same here - Turkish. I noticed that some item on Applications Menu was completely Turkish before I upgrade to MATE 1.14.1 ( For example, Software Boutique). But Control Centre wasn’t completely Turkish. I will watch and support your bug report on Launchpad.

I forgot to update my message but my bug report has been flagged as duplicate of that one:

Maybe add that itapplies to you too.

Any update on this topic? The original bug report has just been closed because of inactivity in the last two monthes.

I’ve created a PPA for testing the fix for this:

Currently there’s a patched mate-control-center for 17.10. If you wish to test the fix in 16.04 or 17.04, let me know.

For reference, the upstream pull request with the fix is at:

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Seems to work fine on 17.10. :slight_smile:

(I’ve also replied on Launchpad.)

As it’s been requested on LP, I’ve also uploaded versions for 16.04 and 17.04.

Ok, testing was successful, the fix is merged upstream now. Don’t forget to disable the PPA, it’s meant only for testing new packages :slight_smile:

It might be useful to add how to properly remove the PPA. Don’t just disable or remove it from your sources or the packages will stay. Install ppa-puge if it’s not already:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

then, use it to disable the PPA and rollback the packages to the version from the Ubuntu repos:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:monsta/testing

Finally, you can remove it (it will be disabled) from the Software Sources.

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Sure, but then the fixed package will be replaced with non-fixed one… :slight_smile:

Yep, but just in case, in the meantime, some related packages are updated in the Ubuntu repos for some reason, which would break dependancies and APT because of the orphaned packages. Even if it’s highly unlikely, better be safe than sorry. :wink:

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