Forum for general topics

Is there a forum for general topics that are not related to Ubuntu ?

Yep, its the one this thread is in right now. was in “Uncategorized”

Questions about the forum go in “Meta” :grin:

Are you sure, @anon42388993 ? :confused:

Forum description: " Topics related to Ubuntu and Linux, but don't fit into any other category. "


*runs for the hills*

And where would you put a MS (windows) topic?

Maybe the wording needs to change. Let's ask :slight_smile:



:sunglasses: :sweat_smile:


That doesn't apply to our forums. People at times like to post other (unrelated) topics in our forum.

Yup, hence the smilies.

But seriously speaking: How about just shortening the description of Uncategorized to something like "Topics that don’t fit into any other category. "

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Let’s see what Luke has to say.

I've changed the Uncategorised topic to read:

Topics that don't fit into any other existing category.

Which is pretty much what it originally and always was. However, it would be preferred to keep the topics related to Ubuntu and the world of Linux, as it is still a forum dedicated to Ubuntu MATE users.


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