German speaking proof readers please line up!

Hi all,

I have completed the German translation for Welcome and now comes the real fun part of proof reading it, if anyone is a native German speaker , please help out the forum by proof reading and correcting the translation as I am not a native German speaker (level 4 of 6 = B2) and there are bound to be a few mistakes! .

Let me know if you are interested please. :smiley:

I will plod along on my own until such time as someone pipes up!. :smiley:

Here is where you need to go and @lah7 can help if questions arise!.

See also:

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Hi Wolfman, I am a native German speaker. I reviewed some of the text for the welcome application. Would you like to change some bits and pieces right away or put them into suggestions? There seems to be no forking function like on github with the transflex site. Do my changes get commited right away? Is there a reviewing process in the background? What is preferred?

For now I only put my altered text into the suggestions. Just now I have a couple of hours to kill and really am in the mood to give something back to the UM community, so I’ll keep the momentum and keep on proofreading :slight_smile:


Hi @zenfunk,

have you created an account on Transifex?, I think we need @lah7 to confirm if it is still active!.

Don’t waste too much time unless you can log in and actually change things that need changing!.

If you like, you can also help out in the German section of the forum, I am working on an installation guide in German which also needs to be be proof read and edited!. (You can only edit a Wiki if you have been on the forum a while and have made several posts/threads!):

@wolfman: Transifex is always active. For Welcome, there’s no new translations for German needed right now. They’re currently for 16.04’s version, though I think it needs syncing again (a task for @Wimpy).

@zenfunk: If you like, you may make changes and review translations after joining the German team. There’s a button to “Save” as you go and I think it overwrites the old one. You can be notified when strings are ready to translate too.

And thank you of course for giving back! :slight_smile: :earth_africa:

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OK, I already saved quite some new versions of the text. The suggestions function of the website couldn’t handle text blocks above a certain length (the submit button would vanish at the bottom). Anyways. Some of the old text was a bit “rough” around the edges I hope you like my changes. I find myself installing Ubuntu MATE everywhere I go. Awesome distro. @wolfman: Are you from the UK as well? For a non- native speaker, the original text (which I thought was done mostly by you) is quite impressive.

Cheers everyone,


Hi Christian,

yes I am a Brit but its not my fault, I was born at a very early age and my parents are to blame!. :smiley:

My German is at level B2 which is 4th highest of 6 in the TELC scale, C2 is the highest!. :smiley:

Thanks for your help. :thumbsup:


I’m a kind of unhappy with the (lack of) german xlations in Ubuntu Mate 16.04.
Thought I coldt try to help a little bit. (I’m a native speaker) Made an account at transifex but I saw:

“German 100% - 0 strings to translate”

What is my mistake?

Ubuntu MATE is made up of many different packages – so if the [MATE Desktop] ( is ready for German, the rest lies with other applications… many of which are from the wider community, meaning other Ubuntu-based distributions benefit too. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Translations are also likely to be on Launchpad (by searching the package)

Consider creating a new topic to list which applications are missing. :wink:

Here’s some examples of applications specifically related to Ubuntu MATE and the rest by the wider community:

Hi @h2f,

you haven’t made any mistakes, I was the original translator for the Welcome app but I am not a native German speaker, in the meantime; there have been others which have been working on Welcome translations.

Welcome is specific to Ubuntu Mate and the mainstream translations are what you are talking about, sign into Launchpad and you can work on any missing German translations, I have done a few myself but there are more native German speakers on Launchpad so I am kind of in the way!. :smiley:

As @lah7 has pointed out in his reply, there is still plenty of work for you!. :smiley:

If you would like to help on this forum, here is where you can start by helping me (and the others!) to finish the beginners guide, anything you think of can be added to the guide once you have been on the forum for a while and your privileges are raised as to what you can or cannot do on the forum!:

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Hey there,

I have some weeks of spare time now and would love to contribute (native german speaker here).
Cause I didn’t see this Topic in the first place I started a new one with the goal to finish the last bits of missing german translation (about 15%) and look over everything a bit to correct some grammar misstakes. Maybe someone could also take a look at my changes (to make sure I didn’t missunderstood something).
I hope to give something back for this great distro,


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Hi @loop28,

welcome on board and whatever you can contribute to the forum will be appreciated regardless of how big or small!. :smiley: :thumbsup: