How to reinstall Ubuntu Mate (19.04) without loosing data



Greetings,i would like to reinstall my Ubuntu Mate 19.04 but i have a lot of important data so i wouldnt like to wipe it(if possible to keep apps).Could you help me?
Im able to boot system up but not able to use sudo or su command.


use a memory stick and copy your data to there before reinstalling your operating system. you will have to reinstall your apps after you have reinstalled.


I think if you just boot up the live medium and choose to install, when you get to the "install alongside or replace" screen there will be a "Reinstall Ubuntu MATE 19.04 and keep your files" or something along those lines. You would obviously want a backup anyway, but it might be worth a shot.


you must have a separate HOME partition first, google can help.
and re install your pc/laptop with OTHER option and select your HOME partition.


sadly,i havent seen that menu, i think it doesnt exist in ubunt mate installer


I hadn't either until the 19.04 release, but I saw it in Ubuntu MATE and plain Ubuntu.


yes it is.. at the bottom of the selections.. I mean CHOOSE SOMETHING ELSE.
you must have a separate home partition first(google it). I have 5 partitions. sda1 for EFI, sda2 for BOOT, sda3 for ROOT, sda4 for SWAP and sda5 for HOME. I can upgrade/downgrade without losing my personal data :slight_smile:

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Hello Stefan_J

You may find this now "classic" post by Wolfman to be helpful:

I hope that helps you understand some of the things talked about in the posts prior to this one a little better. :slightly_smiling_face:


I finally did a complete reinstall of 18.04LTS using the "Something else" feature when I replaced my spinning rust with an SSD. I viewed a YouTube video made by Joe Collins as my guide. My /home directory is in it's own partition now. Works as it should.


I use a small ssd (32gb?) for / and keep /home and various storage partitions on traditional hard drives. I use the clonezilla live usb to make a quick backup of / (sda1) saving the image to a file server. If at any time I want/need to reinstall, I just run Clonezilla to restore the sda1. Using this method allows me to keep a spare ssd that can be used on various systems, install the new ssd, run clonezilla and restore the correct backup. For me, this is much better than a fresh install where I have to setup various servers etc.