MSI Wind Top - won't boot from USB

I have a MSI Wind Top which is an older desktop and I’m trying to boot into the USB stick with Ubuntu MATE. I went into the bios to set all of the boot options to the USB and it sill won’t boot from it. Is there a way to install the MATE from an executable file or does it have to be via USB or CD?


I do not own one, but what about “F11”.

Nope, F11 does go to the boot options but the USB port with the Ubuntu MATE does not show up even though it works on my MacBook Pro.

It seems the MSi Wind Top has what they call a Turbo Boost Charging USB port that is for charging USB things only and that is what I plugged the USB thumb drive into. I put it in a regualar port and I was able to find the Ubuntu MATE.

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Let us know how it works out.

I have a 1TB hard drive that is partitioned with Window 7 Home Premium that I want to keep just because the MSi is a touch screen system. I’m trying to install the Ubuntu on the other partition with is approx 330 gig so plenty of space. When I click on install I get the following error message — No root system defined - Please correct this from the partitionaing menu. There is no option in the partitioning menu to create a “root file system.” I tried it with a /boot but I still get the same error message.

Not /boot but just a slash (and no boot).

That did it, installing now, THANKS!!!


You may want to inspire others by posting here :slight_smile:

Will do, I’ll do it once Ubuntu is installed so I can screen capture it, and thanks for the help.

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Ubuntu is installed but now I can’t boot into it from the boot options. The only option is for the Windows 7. I hold down the F11 key and just one boot option, not two.

You should not need to hold down any key. Whats called a “grub menu” should now appear.

No menu, it boots right into Windows when you power it on.

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Ok, I’m reading through the posts on the links to see if anything can help me out. I’m doing a re-install of Ubuntu. If it still does not work, I’d rather have Ubuntu only and not a dual boot at all. I’d lose the touch screen but no big deal as I can’t stand using Windoes.

I did a reinstall this time with the box checked to do updates as it was installing and “grub” came up so now I can choose my boot option. The coolist thing is Ubuntu MATE works with the touch screen on the MSi Wind Top. One question. I had an opportunity to create a “swap” partition when I installed Ubuntu but I wasn’t sure how so I didn’t. Is that something I can do at a later time or is it too late?

No, you can add a swap partition. How much ram do you have?

You can add a swap partition using gparted.

Or you can run without one if you have adequate ram (say 4G). You must have a swap partition if you wish to hibernate, but most of us just boot up since its so fast.

It has 4 gig of ram on board.

My laptop has 4gig and runs fine without swap. I am not running anything that eats up memory, my browser is probably the worst case. You can just start out like that and add swap anytime you feel like.

I also have a install running on two gig or ram and no swap. This system will crash (out of ram) if I get too many windows open.

I’ll give it a go as it is if there is a problem, then I will create a swap area.

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