New to Developmental Testing?

Want to help out in the testing of the next release of Mate, but unsure or have questions? Please post here. I want this thread to assist all new testers in getting started. Extensive knowledge base is not required, just bring your will to learn.

Community involvement helps make the (Mate) world go around :slight_smile:

Thank you


I will give it a go seeing as how you asked so nicely @anon42388993 :smiley:

I will start at the weekend as I am doing a couple of new system installs for friends at the mo; plus I have to teach them a thing or two!. :smiley:

Yes :slight_smile: even the IQ impaired are welcome here :upside_down:

Are you planning a physical install (multi-boot)? Most will agree that a real world install is the best way to test. Something I also practice with a LTS release. The interm releases I test in a virtual machine, but subject to change if needed.

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Hi @anon42388993,

after I get back from my IQ impaired people’s meeting on Saturday; I will clear out UM 16.04 on my test partition and do a full install!. :smiley:

It surely can’t have any more bugs than 16.04 can it?. :smiley:

Actually, yes it can :slight_smile:

Right out of the box you will notice the welcome screen, its full of bullet holes. But I have found that overall its stable enough to run daily. I have a pointer problem and would like to know if your also seeing it. Thats my worst complaint.

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I just did my daily update and the pointer problem is gone :slight_smile:

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I'll be testing on 2 machines, both of which I've listed in the Super List

  1. Dell Studio laptop in a separate partition
  1. HP desktop in a Virtual environment

I'm still learning the MATE system and how to make it work for me else I'd start immediately.

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Looking forward to your input :joy:

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Hi @anon42388993, I installed the 32 bit version cleanly, so far:

Google Chrome won't let me on to the " website:

Welcome won't subscribe correctly to updates!:

I had to manually delete the Welcome PPA to do further updates/installations of other apps/packages, maybe @lah7 can help with that?.

Flash player won't run in Firefox!.

Early days yet. Bye 4 now. :smiley:

Google Chrome won't let me
Welcome won't subscribe
I had to manually delete

And welcome to testing :grinning:

Yes, give it some time. Its getting better every day.

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I just found another problem!. :confused:

I have both English and German languages installed but cannot change the Regional formats locale to UK English with the language support app, it basically just does nothing after selecting English (United Kingdom)!:

Hi wolfman

The translations may not yet exists.
Give it some time, its very very new :slight_smile:

One thought. You mention chrome. If its your main browser and you want it now, then just load the xenial release.

About the welcome screen.

I think it will depend on when the PPAs are upgraded.

I tried moving back the welcome source to xenial. I was then able to update the welcome screen, but this still left the welcome screen unusable. Maybe I need to also show some patiences :slight_smile:

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To be honest with you @anon42388993; I can’t fathom out why so many things aren’t working in 16.04 let alone worry about what is/isn’t working in 16.10. :frowning:

I cannot update 16.04 using any method!, the same much applies to 16.10 but I haven’t really put much effort into that. :frowning:

I don’t have anything else to report as I can’t update 16.04 or 16.10 so cannot really comment further on any improvements!. :thumbsdown:

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I've yet to start my testing efforts; I have questions about timing and procedure.

  1. At what development stage do the developers require 'other than developers [OTD]' to test and produce feedback?
  1. Is there a formal process available with tasks to which OTD test and report detailed findings?

I ask because, IMO, data not requested, or organized might just be noise to developers.

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Hi Peter,

it’s appropriate that Ubuntu Mate 16.10 is called Yakkety Yak if you are worried about noise levels!. :smiley:

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! ganz bestimmt !

I can’t remember the spelling of the word I wanted [bestimmtlish] possibly a colloquialism I picked up in Koln

Here in the new to testing department all you do is run it. Apport will generate any necessary reports for the developers.

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Thank You.
For those folks who might want or need some structure or direction to testing here’s Ubuntu’s QA
[Mate is an available filter]

Erzähl keine Opern Peter!, I bet your English is far better than my German!.

There is always Google for that missing word you know!.

Back on topic, I haven't tried anything with 16.10 in the last two days as I have been busy, I am sure that it will sort itself out as I am getting updates for 16.04 now!.

Here is the current 16.10 bug list which I haven't read through btw!:

If anyone is interested, this is for 16.04 which has a lot more:


I just ran updates on 16.10 and it is updating now! (I'm using the 32 bit version btw!). :smiley: