Numix S5 Materia-Y theme suite (It really works this time!)

:ubuntu_mate: Introduction

After having seen how well the icons I created using numix-folders turned out, I figured I would publish this set of Numix icons for use with MateriaV2. If you want to have a desktop similar to what I recently posted in My Desktop Today, you can download the one archive provided in the link below, one of the MateriaV2 themes and install Mint themes just for the window borders.

Why the weird name? It's a compression of everything the set is about:

  • Numix: The base Numix icon set from Numix project
  • S5: Style 5, according to numix-folders
  • Materia: For the base folder and icon colours from Materia / MateriaV2
  • -Y: For the accent colours, taken directly from Mint-Y.

:arrow_down: Download Numix S5 Materia-Y icons

Now with a readme for your viewing pleasure!
The above will take you to a single archive which has everything you could ever possibly need to make your inteface match both your preference and the theme which inspired this.

For more information, view the readme in this project's GitHub repository.

:heavy_plus_sign: Recommended

MateriaV2 theme from gsbhasin84's Codeberg GitFOSS GitLab repository
Mint themes via this guide for Mint-Y window borders (for now)

Later on I may adjust recommend to use modified Mint-Y if I quit being lazy and create a fork of that expressly for use with MateriaV2.

:floppy_disk: Installation

With the crazy amount of selection, not to mention how much space it would normally take, you would imagine there are provisions to minimize the space these icons take up. How I managed to squeeze so much selection in so little space was by making each selection provide only the icons unique to it. Also, since I change the name of the theme file links were recreated to account for such.

It's that simple. However, note the dependents; For Square and Circle app icon sets, you need to have the base set and the common shape set for whatever colour you want. For the base set to function the common set needs to exist. If the base set does not exist, GNOME icons will be used. If the common set does not exist, Adwaita icons will be used instead. If the common square and circle set doesn't exist, then selecting them will do absolutely nothing except apply the base theme.

These are all neatly sorted; selections are separated by type first, then colour (except for common). So for example, if you extract the entirety of /dark/mate from NumixS5_MateriaY_Dark.tar.gz into ~/.icons then you will have everything you need for Numix S5 Materia-Y MATE. So long the common sets exist alongside it, the whole suite will function as expected.

:pie: Sample

:tada: Special thanks

@codic to letting everyone know about the existence of MateriaV2 in the Everything is GREEN! thread.

Thanks @tiox! Materiav2 is actually my theme ;). I did need a set of icons for Materiav2, so can I use these?

Also do those icon packs have variants for my dark variants? That screenshot looks great, except for those icons in the Caja sidebar, which dosen't look that great because dark on dark xD. And I also have Metacity window borders

Not sure man. All I know is what I know. If you want to refine the product I have you're free to clone and integrate.

If you want to roll your own, read my guide on installing gksu and fetch numix-folders from ppa:numix/ppa.

I use Manjaro btw xD
I'm asking about those icon that you made lol. And why not use my metacity borders?

Out of preference, not out of spite. They look good, but I wanted to match that colour accent I have for each folder icon (as provided by numix-folders) in my window decoration.

You can get numix-folders from Numix Project's Github then. Still requires gksu so if when on program execution it cannot prompt gksu because it doesn't exist it will refuse to open until you figure out how to install it for Arch.

I know how to install Numix Folders. Great that you like my theme!

Big update again

:clock3: For legacy update information, see previous edit.

Really big, because it's really small.

I managed to compress everything — everything — into a single archive. Since there are 108 selections to choose from with six different colours, six different types and two additional app icon preferences for each of these this Numix-inspired icon set has been hyper-optimized for disk space.

Unlike the previous advice from the original edit of this post, the command shown to symbolically link everything will not work this time around, because circle and square themes simply don't do as they should when symbolically linked — they're expecting something to exist two directories up from their original location rather than where you put it. However, this isn't really a problem... because the app icon themes are nothing but symbolic links.

So how does that work? Great question; There is now a single directory for all of the common icon themes called, well, common of which its contents needs to be extracted into ~/.icons (or usr/share/icons for global availability) to make the other themes work. If you lack the space to host them in your home directory, or simply want to try them out after having moved them elsewhere then at the directory you put them at, do the following:

:heavy_dollar_sign: In x-terminal-emulator

ln -s $PWD/common/* ~/.icons
ln -s $PWD/*/*/NumixS5_MateriaY_* ~/.icons
cp -R $PWD/*/*/NumixS5_MateriaY-* ~/.icons

The commands will do as shown, in order:

  • Link all common sets inside of ~/.icons for later use by the other sets
  • Link every regular set inside of all second-level directories in ~/.icons
    • As common lacks a second level directory, this is ignored.
  • Copy every app icon set of all second-level directories in ~/.icons
    • The asterisk after the name globs together Circle* and Square* sets.

Afterward, once you've copied what you want it should be as easy as opening your appearance properties and selecting what you want. It still chugs with 108 example icons to load, but it shouldn't take that much space on your disk now.

Nice, do the dark versions have actual dark context icons? Also do I have your permission to make this the official Materiav2 icon theme?

Dark versions have light icons to go with dark themes, light versions have dark icons to go with light themes. Basically I am working with what numix-folders gave me. If you want to use one, two or all of them sure. Not certain how y'gonna do that except give the same instructions I provided, and it's a bit difficult for newbies to wrap their head around because of the need for a "common" set which the other icons inherit.

Not to undermine them, but for convenience you may want to just re-roll them yourself. Not on Linux atm, will share Mint-Y colours later when I am there. Or you can use your own colours.

Neutral colours I used was #888888, #393939 and #DADADA.

And here are the rest, as promised.

aqua   | #66a8cb
teal   | #59c3ad
blue   | #5972c3
green  | #8bb158
orange | #cc823f
red    | #b74c4a

Thanks... Appreciate it, and since I don't have a lot of time I'll probably just link to this post :wink:

Also your symbolic links are broken...They link to themselves

Huh? They shouldn't be broken, all I did was move existing ones! Seems I do not really know much of what I am doing then aren't I?

I am going to check that out. This shouldn't be an issue, but a live session instance should help me to simulate the Other PC scenario causing this issue.

Sure... Any results These icons look awesome

Doing a rework. Also I don't think it had anything to do with me, but all i did was copy existing directories. Once I am finished reworking the set I will reup, should be a couple days at worst.

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Figured out the broken links; they're for the app icon themes in the panel directory, which expect ../../Numix but because I changed the directory name the links are broken. Of course.

Might be more than a couple of days while I figure out how to script myself out of that mess.

:frowning: I wanted to try it lol

You will be pleased to know I am finished ahead of schedule then. I have made it so the whole set fits in a single archive.

So uh, how was that done?

Know how each square and circle set has its own suite of icons for popular applications? Yeah I got rid of that and made common circle and square themes. However they aren't suppose to be used, but I made them so if you have Numix installed (locally or globally) they can be selected and function as expected.

So just to be clear — This means you need to extract everything in the single archive for common into ~/.icons. Else nothing will work except for the folders, since they'll be seeking something which doesn't exist otherwise. I ought to update them again so each of the folder-only themes can be used with plain 'ol GNOME but I don't think anyone installing this would bother caring about that.

:point_right: This means, you should rm -rf ~/.icons/NumixS5* and start fresh.

:reminder_ribbon: Don't forget to select something else before deleting if my sets are in use.

I am going to modify my update post with this new information. Also, linking them from elsewhere has to be handled differently if you want every selection available to you on a partition which is smaller than the space required to put it there.

This change, and the fact I could shrink it to a single archive means you no longer need the four archives you had probably downloaded earlier, but it means you get everything at once. But it's a single archive that is just a bit bigger than one of the previous archives I hosted, so it should be fine.