Plank and Advanced MATE Menu

I’ve gradually moved from my favourite APS menu towards using Plank for often-used programs and the top panel for notifications, with APS only for ‘the rest’.

I’d like to try the Advanced MATE Menu, but as the first item on Plank, either as an ordinary program icon or as a Docklet. Is this possible, maybe with a little bodging?

So, did I get you correctly that you want to integrate the advanced menu as an icon into Plank that on click on the icon should open the menu?

Yes (19 character padding :))

Well, that went nowhere quick…

If I remember back from my 10.10 days Mint Menu was a separate applet that could be queued in AWN via a wrapper. Could a similar thing be possible for Plank?

Does this help maybe?

I understand how to do what is suggested in your link - create a program icon on Plank by copying another one and altering it.

The hard part is what is the command/other method of starting the menu. Clicking ‘About’ in the Advanced MATE menu tells me that it is created by which is in /usr/lib/mate-menu.

However trying to run that doesn’t work - there is something else I need to know - perhaps something like a command line parameter.

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There is an easy way to create the desktop file, just right-click on the menu>Edit Menu>New Menu Item. I put /usr/lib/mate-menu/ for the command and /usr/share/mate-menu/icons/mate-logo.svg for the logo. It can be run from the menu, then when it appears on the Plank, right-click and select ‘Keep in Dock’.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work, something is missing! I might ask again on Google+ Ubuntu MATE.

There might be some bits from the old AWN plugin for Mint Menu you can glean to make a solution happen. Not sure how, just throwing that out there.

@tiox I don’t know how I would do that, however your mention of AWN gave me the idea of trying Cairo-Dock.