Software Boutique and add-ons

Just a thought about the UM Boutique.

In the Ubuntu Software Center, often there is "optional Add-ons" to install with a software which are really useful.
For example with GIMP,
I got packs containing => Save For the Web, G'MIC, FX Foundry and many more useful things just by checking the optional add-ons in the Software Center.

and i got all what you can see in the top menu and sub menu of GIMP (it really pushes the possibilities of GIMP in a simple way)

On the other hand, the UM Boutique don't do that and install just the basic GIMP
(Don't forget I gave GIMP as an Example ONLY, i don't recall if it install just the basic one)

There are many softwares which have add-ons, and installing them with a single click on the Ubuntu Software Center is so friendly that i am speechless.

In my opinion it would be nice to have this in the UM Boutique, it will be a big +(plus) too as the users will not have to search on the internet too.

So my question: Is it possible to implement this "Optional Add-ons" check box type option in the UM Boutique without the need to download other software centers to get these very important add-ons?

Thanks for reading.


That’s actually not a bad idea



I agree. I spent many hours at the beginning of my Ubuntu days in the Software Centre. If you install packages via Synaptic and scroll around about a little after you have marked the principle package for installation you can also see many “nice-to-have” additions to the basic program.

Anyway, the Software Boutique is blazing a new trail in making it easy for GNU/Linux converts to find good software to perform the tasks they need to do. This is very important. If it can be made even more useful in this way I would say its worth considering. :slight_smile:


It’s actually been noted as a “nice to have” feature for a couple of years, maybe this year is when it will finally be included. :wink:

Another one is RetroArch, which can optionally ship with additional emulators:

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