Software Updater and apt update

I noticed today that running Software Updater found 1 package to be updated, which I ran, Then I happened to run sudo apt update and it found 8 updates which 5 were installed and 3 kept back. My question is why the Software Updater did not find all the updates? On the development version (23.04) I have the exact same issue. I filed that as a bug, but wanted to know if anyone else has this issue> I usually do not use Software Updater and run updates from terminal.

Yes, I've noticed that too on occasion. I don't worry about it but if I want the system up to date I use the the terminal and apt.

I think it has to do with security updates and version updates being different or I can make up stuff in my mind. It would be interesting to know the reason though.

I had the same question here. The updates eventually cleared.