Some RTL Issues that i have Discovered/'Welcome' Isn't RTL Compliant

So i have been Considering To make this Post for a while now, but i have waited for my Hebrew Translations for the 'Welcome' Program to Update (aka Every Major release) For the Most part The MATE Team has Done a Really great job in terms of the UI like Putting the Menu button on the Right side and putting the Close and minimize buttons on the Left like in Hebrew/RTL versions of Windows. (it is also more comfortable this way for RTL users) Altho Translation is Somewhat Poor in the installation and other MATE related Stuff. i have Taken a Best effort to make the Translation to be as point as possible. but i have Discovered that the 'Welcome screen' Isn't RTL Compatible and here is Few Evidence to support such claim:

So let me Simplify all these arrows for you, The Title Above the Title (aka Ubuntu Mate 19.04) Should be at the Right side. Then all the Social network buttons (Youtube, Forums and so forth) Should Also be at the Right side. While the Close button should be Left side and Behind it should be the Check-box "Open welcome every time i log-in" Not to mention that the Check Box Needs to be Behind the Sentence. (According to how the RTL Standart is Like in this mentioned image: RTL Example)

While this is Still somewhat "Basic" UI changes. another Issue is Mixing Symbols And English Words Inside a Sentence:

as you can see, in Transifex the Period in the Hebrew Sentence is all the way to the Left as it should Show up as, However in the Welcome Program it shows up like so:c30b937fb2e869462d43b5882f353383
In the Program for some Reason, The Dot (and in many other examples other symbols) Show up in the Begining of the Sentence rather than the End of it.

This is How it should Look like According to Transifex while in reality:

While you May Not be a Hebrew Reader yourself. you might Notice that in our Transifex image, "Ubuntu MATE" was Not our first word from Right to Left. as a Hebrew Reader i could tell you that the whole Sentence is garbled up Because it puts the English words in the Inappropriate Place.

For the Most part. i Could say that the two issues i have found for now is the UI Format, and improper Sentences when combined with symbols like period,asterisk or question mark. and English words (And yes, Ubuntu MATE is referred by English words in a Hebrew sentence as that is the name of the Operating system.)

i Really appreciate the Support i have been given here by Far and i Can Count that with the Help of the Community this Issue Could probably Be resolved to help further RTL support in general.

Sorry about this. :disappointed: I'm surprised we haven't heard about the improper RTL issue sooner!

Welcome is technically a "web browser". In general, translations for this program have room for improvement. At the time, we were avoiding HTML tags being exposed, so sentences were split up around the tags. That led to sentences being split up like this:

[You can join the] <b> [IRC chat] </b> [using Hexchat.]

That's actually a problem in some languages, as they use different words/meanings, or need to restructure the sentence entirely. This may equally pose a problem for RTL languages too.

A quick "fix" for now is to run this command to patch RTL for he_IL (Hebrew). :ubuntu_mate: Welcome isn't aware (nor inherit?) RTL settings.

sed -i 's#<html#<html dir="rtl"#g' /usr/share/ubuntu-mate-welcome/i18n/he_IL/*.html

:point_up: The /usr/share/*** path would differ where the snap version is installed.

The "fix" adds an attribute to the <html> tag so the pages enforce RTL:


The result is this:

Does this look better?

I've raised an issue on the repository to look into this at some point. The Welcome program will be overhauled this year, so we can properly fix issues with translations.

As to be expected, it's not a complete "fix"... fixed elements means more tweaks are necessary to support RTL - so I think this will be something best fixed in Welcome 2.0. :+1:


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Thanks a Lot! To your question About the Image, It Looks Great but as i mentioned earlier the Social Media Buttons need to be at the right and the close button and box mark should be at the Left. Other than that it looks Great! (also Its funny seeing the New translations on 16.04)
EDIT: i noticed that the "Ubuntu MATE" name is flipped instead it shows as "MATE UBUNTU" in your picture.

About the Split tags. Yes that has made it a challenge to translate. Not just in terms of Grammar rules and so forth. but its also about Context. Often i find myself questioning a certain word and it's position and it's context. but over time i fixed some the mistakes made.

I really Appreciate your answer and Hope that the issue will be Resolved soon, Until then i'll Keep Making Translations for the 'Welcome' Program. And once that is done. i'll take a much active part in Translating the MATE desktop aswell! (also is the Installation setup part of regular Ubuntu Or MATE? Since the Translation there is Horrible they turned "copying files..." in to "files being copied..." how unfortunate!)

So I guess RTL is like a mirror, instead of starting from the left, everything starts from the right, no exceptions. I'll bear this in mind when I get round to Welcome 2.0 (it will be months before this is ready). How the styling is put together (like the Ubuntu MATE logo) definitely influences this.

also is the Installation setup part of regular Ubuntu Or MATE?

The installation screens are part of Ubiquity, which is Ubuntu.

MATE desktop is shared by many distros:

Until then i'll Keep Making Translations for the 'Welcome' Program.

The next major version of Welcome will be a disruption to translators, since many strings may need re-translating (as the original text will eventually be merged together), but till then, contributions will be seen by users of today's version when it is synced.... just backwards.

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So if you advice to Wait until welcome 2.0 i am Prepared to wait. Hopefully Translating Becomes Easier in the future. Will Welcome 2.0 Come to RPI Versions of Ubuntu MATE?

Yes, new versions of Welcome and Software Boutique ("2.0") will replace the existing versions when they're ready. Hopefully by the end of 19.10's release. :crossed_fingers:


i am hoping so aswell!