Strange item in indicator applet in panel


Does anyone know what that box with the red-cross out is?

EDIT: It seems to appear after I open an application, like chromium.

Another weird thing on the panel. Double language selector. Removed FCITX so are these both IBUS?


I know only on surface level. The one mentioned EN (in blue with all caps) is the Ibus. We need to install ibus package separately. The one mentioned 'en' (white, all small letters) is the one we get when we select input method from 'Keyboard' option in control center. See below.

In my case, I can type in my native language with second method (select input method from 'Keyboard') without installing FCITX or IBUS.

Have you tried to 'left' click on it? Does it say anything? I am guessing it could be "Ayatana Indicator Application" but of course I do not know what that means :smile:

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Right clicking gives "ABOUT, REMOVE FROM PANEL, LOCK, MOVE"

selecting about gives us this box:
Screenshot at 2020-10-26 10-29-54

Check left-click menu. In new indicator applet (indicator-applet-complete) does not have separate right-click menu for individual icons but the same right-click menu. Left-click gives icon specific menu.

When left clicking it shows like an empty box. Nothing inside. It's like an empty box