The .config/menus directory

This directory has an enormous amount of files with the following naming pattern:[0-9]+

Can I safely delete these files? Are they backup files?

Not seeing this in 16o4

Hi @marfig,

have you run “Bleachbit” and then checked if the files are still there after the cleaning process?:

I’ve ran bleachbit on a few occasions, although I’m not a fan of it when it comes to its backup files detection capabilities.
In any case, it doesn’t detect those files as being backup files.

A typical file is called It’s a xhtml text file and apparently is created every time I make changes to the menu. In fact, judging from their timestamp, a bunch of them are created everytime I change the menu. Besides, currently there are 528 of these files sitting in that folder and I certainly didn’t do 528 changes to the menu :slight_smile:

I have deleted them. We shall see. But if anyone has any idea of how I can turn this backup feature off, it would be appreciated.

I noticed this the other day too. They are no harm, as far as I know.

It would be a good idea to keep a few as backup, since I ran into a nasty bug when editing the menu destroyed itself! :scream: Life Is Strange™ was the culprit, all because of that ™ (non-ASCII) character.


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