Typos or questions about English strings in ubuntu-mate-welcome


You’re right, thanks for noticing. I’ll hold off changing it now as we’re approaching a final upload to the Xenial archives (for the 16.04 “out of the box” experience). After that, we can make corrections that will appear when users subscribe to the updates PPA.


So by when do they have be translated? I’m afraid it’s going a lot slower that I trough it might …

Another question: An error occurred while launching PROGRAM_NAME. Please consider re-installing the application.

Does PROGRAM_NAME need to be translated too?


For them to be featured in 16.04 for a fresh install, as soon as possible, please. :sweat:

But don’t worry if you don’t make it in time, the translations will be avaliable in future Welcome updates – usually when the user clicks on the “Subscribe to updates” option… if they do press it after all.

No, PROGRAM_NAME doesn’t need to be translated. It’s a key word replaced by the actual program name.


Under Software–>System tools–>KDE Connect Indicator
there is a string
Requires: KDEConnect installed on your smartphone and Indicators enabled via MATE Tweak
I think it is missing in Transifex.
BTW, Thanks for your hard work. :wink:


Unfortunately @Moo, none of the software names or descriptions are available for translation yet. They’re a bit technical. :neutral_face:


Hi Luke,

shouldn't "Slideshow" also be showing in this list as it isn't in mine?:

And I have a question about line 37 in "Welcome":

"Set to retrieve the latest software listings."

Does the above mean:

You should set this to retrieve the latest software listings.


It has been set to retrieve the latest software listings


A slideshow…? Welcome doesn’t have a slideshow… you may thinking of the one used during the installation (Ubiquity). :confused:

The last phrase is the correct meaning:

It has been set to retrieve the latest software listings.


Well that’s fine for me, less stuff left to translate also program names are sometimes difficult to translate, if not impossible or something funny comes out … I was also told that it’s better to leave most as it is if you search for it…

I’m still trying to find appropriate words to translate Software Boutique :thinking:

What is the meaning of this or what does it relate to?
under softwere 45.

tab may have them available for your system.

Also sometimes words are cut/devided really strangly like

in the

in can mean about 4-5 things depending on the next word while the has no meaning as we previously discussed. What might fit to one word is sometimes completely wrong if it happens another time…


The first one is shown on the “Connection Help” section when an internet connection is not present. It reads:

The | Additional Drivers | tab may have them available for your system.

For the last one, the template should be in chronological order, so “in the” is in this context:

…package containing the firmware. See | Drivers | in the | Getting Started

These strings are separated to avoid exposing HTML tags (and breaking things) for various formatting and links.


Thanks for the reply Luke, yes!; I was thinking of the Ubiquity thingy!. :smiley:

And this bit takes on a different meaning now!. :smiley:

I made the necessary changes, thanks again. :smiley:


I just thought of a reason why 8 GB wasn’t enough in Virtualbox. It was probably the swap partition taking up too much partition space (size of the RAM)


Thanks for all your help so far Luke.

Could be, I usually give it about 1,5 to 2GB of RAM in VB.

I saw there was update to Welcome languages. That’s great on one side :grinning:, but I’m wondering if there will still be some update of language translations before final version comes out? :sweat: :worried:

Also wondering where is translation for Close I might have missed, because I’m still not done with all and can’t search whole translation at once I think.

Edit: In getting started under 145 there is Download Boot Repair and next one is Open Boot-Repair. Should there be - in between once, but not the other time?


I have notice that not all the translation appear in Welcome even if it's now 100% translated in Slovenian :grin: and some things are translated while others aren't... Some shortcuts and programs section show/install/launch ...

Where is the Welcome next to UM logo in the strings, because I translated it and I think it shouldn't even be there, if you don't want to translate program name.


Close should be found in ubuntu-mate-welcome.pot.

Both those strings are for separate buttons.

That’s probably down to an older version of Welcome. The title for “Welcome to Ubuntu MATE” as seen in your screenshot changed long ago.


Ups, that might be an older photo. I meant the one that say The Welcome application...

Where it say Dobrodošli it should be Welcome as it's the name of the program, I also spotted few more errors I have to fix as when you translate in parts/words can be ok, but when they come together they don't have the same meaning and sound strange...

Also sometimes it would be more correct if I could change how strings appear in different order as they do in English.

I tested that on Live iso in Virtualbox Beta2, from the beginning. Some other stuff I checked from the updated Welcome ppa... Question: Is there a way where I could check/test it all to see if everything is correctly translated?

I found it now and also found a way to search trough all the translations in Transifex, just unsure why they are not showed as translated even if it was translated long time ago and some more recent translations are shown :confused:


It’s not a very straight forward task to “re-arrange” text because of how the text is split between formatting, but I understand that this can be an issue for some languages… However, you are free to rewrite this sentence in a way that still retains its original meaning.

For example, instead of:

The | Welcome | program provides useful …

You could re-word along the lines of:

| Welcome | : This is an application that provides useful …

To test the absolute latest translations along with Welcome, see this post from another thread:



That's great. Thanks.

Edit: So I tested a lot of it last night and found few more mistakes to fix, but I couldn't get everything shown as translated, not sure why, but I think all those things were in ubuntu-mate-welcome.pot

Hope it's ok to post it here, otherwise please move it to the right one.
In Getting started under Drivers - Graphics isn't translated.

In shortcuts once Left and Right is translated, but other time isn't?

In software most stuff aren't shown as translated. I know that names and discriptions aren't translatable, but other things should be. Close button also isn't translated.

Any idea why that could be, did I do something wrong? :confused:


Fixed the first two, they were missing the tags to indicate “translate me!”.

As to why the software text isn’t translating, I’m not sure what’s happened, but they seem to be the strings from ubuntu-mate-welcome.pot. I’ll have a look into it.


Thanks Luke.

Just notice that those are not align if they should be? It's help for when there is no internet connection. Another thing I notice when posting photo... Connection Troubleshooting isn't translatable yet?

When clicking OK in that windows it gets back to Our Picks

Funny how the more explore it and I think I saw it all more "new" things I find.


Hello Luke. Sorry to bother you again, but I’m just wondering if you found anything to why some stuff from ubuntu-mate-welcome.pot don’t show as translated?

Saw this German screenshoot that also don’t have Close button translated. @wolfman Is Software section shown as translated in German?

Also Graphics from pic above, doesn’t show as translated yet either.