Ubuntu MATE 20.04 Beta is out!

It's that time of the year! Ubuntu MATE 20.04 Beta is now available for download so courageous :muscle: early adopters and community superheroes :superhero: who love :heart: to help with QA and testing can get stuck in :hammer:

Ubuntu MATE Focal Fossa delivers the freshest :herb: MATE Desktop 1.24 and continues where 19.10 left off with more bug :beetle: fixes. See the release notes for all the details.

Ubuntu Testing Week

The Ubuntu MATE team is delighted to be a part of Ubuntu Testing Week which starts today (3rd April) until 8 April along with the other flavours in the Ubuntu family. Please join us in testing the beta of Ubuntu MATE 20.04 (Focal Fossa) as well sharing the :green_heart: by testing out some of the other flavours.

Unsure of how to test? Alan Pope, the co-founder of Ubuntu MATE, has made an outstanding video showing how easy it is to do.

If you need some help, join us in our beta testing thread. Did you find a :bug:? We've got a helpful guide on how to report it.

There are many way ways of testing. A spare machine, a secondary hard drive, a live USB, or using a VM (Virtual Machine). If you are planning on using a VM, you may be interested in trying Quickemu which allows you to easily manage QEMU VM's with a shell script. We hope you will join in and help us make Ubuntu MATE 20.04 and all of it's family a success :tada:

Website refresh

Coinciding with this beta release we are also unveiling :circus_tent: the all new Ubuntu MATE website :earth_africa: As you can see from the Ubuntu Testing Week information above, the new site a rammed full of useful information about the project, it's history and how to get involved. Go and take a look :eyes: round, there is so much more to discover :mag:

I'd like to extend my thanks and huge appreciation to @lah7, @franksmcb and @madhens for all their hard work :sweat_drops: in creating our new fabulous new website. Thank you! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Loved the new Site and the new Color Selection in the Welcome Program!


Great news Wimpy. Thanks for all of your hard work.
Also Thank you to the team that continues to work hard at Ubuntu Mate.


Beta downloaded and I'm seeding the torrent! I will be installing this on bare metal as my desktop just got a new SSD as the main drive!

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Great, have already tested the daily one.

Just a side note: it's a bit long the support :slight_smile:



Yeah, that's the intention for LTS now. Five two years is way too short for "Long-term" anyway in the server space, and for average people it usually means they don't have to deal with upgrading at all if they bounce from LTS to LTS by virtue of using a new machine.


Ubuntu MATE

  • Offers support for 3 years for the LTS release.


  • Offers support for 5 years for the Ubuntu LTS release.
  • That can be extended to 10 years with Extended Security Maintenance.

many thanks! keep on bringin the awesome!

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gdebi crashed in BETA version.

It's going to be an awesome release. MATE 1.24 has a lot of improvements and features, along with the distro itself. I'm glad that I was able to contribute to some degree. Thanks and appreciation to the team! :heart:


Looks like an amazing release! Really nice work, it was a joy reading that changelog. :slight_smile: That evolution-integration in the calendar looks especially nice and useful!

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Hi Wimpy,

Thank you very much for your letter.

I will renew my Ubuntu.

One question. Just in case I'll have to buy a new PC, where can I find an installation tool for Ubuntu 20.04?

You know, I'm not a computer engineer. In case of any virus, worm, malfunction, etc., my last resort is to use my (flash-jack with) Ubuntu 18.04 tool of 2 years ago. So, where to find a newer one?

Thanks again,


One of your tutorials was so helpful for updating the page (I want to say the one on verifying downloads), so thank you!! :clap: :green_heart:

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Thanks for the invitation to try Ubuntu-Mate. I installed it today on a VM and it is running very well. Since the installation I have not found any problem.

So then, should Canonical use that term public-facing and call any LTS greater than two years ESM releases? I think LTS has become more ambiguous over time, excising the ambiguity before it gets worse for people, where you have to explain one term can mean any variety of things would be great idea to reduce the likelihood of confusion when multiple LTS releases are active.

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@franksmcb Ubuntu MATE is only supported until 2023. No Flavours offer 5 years supports and no flavours are currently part of the ESM programme.


Sorry about that. My attempt at clarification added more confusion.
I've edited that to hopefully make it more clear.

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Really nice beta release, packed full of really great stuff and already feels so polished. Thanks Ubuntu Mate team!