Ubuntu MATE 20.10 Beta Testing

Edited to correct update-manager for an interim release - thanks colinux!

It's almost October, which means the leaves are turning (dependent on your hemisphere :fallen_leaf: :white_flower: ), everything is pumpkin spice flavored :jack_o_lantern::coffee: , and it's time for Ubuntu MATE 20.10 Beta Testing! :bug:

Along with the other Ubuntu flavors, Ubuntu MATE 20.10 is now ready for beta testing. Thank you to everyone who tested the initial 20.10 ISO, and it can't be stated enough how important the community during these testing periods. :raised_hands:



Preliminary Groovy Gorilla Release Notes

20.10 Groovy Gorilla is an interim release, with support through July 2021.

For now, you can find the beta ISO here, and we will update when the tracker gets a direct beta link :floppy_disk: :

You can test on either a spare machine or a virtual machine, and please let us know in this thread if you encounter any problems. The sooner we know about a problem, the sooner we can tackle it! :clock11:

While we don't quite yet have the Ubuntu MATE 20.10 Release Notes, we will update this page once they are online.

We encourage anyone who upgrades their system to the developmental version to backup first! :harddrive: If you rely on your system as your daily driver, it might be advisable to wait for the final release.

To upgrade, press Alt + F2, and type:

update-manager -cd

If you aren't prompted to upgrade, press Alt + F2 again, then


and click Settings and Livepatch. Go to the Updates tab and toggle the option for 'Notify me of a new Ubuntu version' to 'For any new version.'

Press Alt + F2 again, and then type:

update-manager -cd

Please refer to the 20.10 ISO Testing Thread as needed :bug::
Ubuntu Testing Week - Ubuntu MATE 20.10

Thank you again for testing and for reporting your issues, concerns, observations, and questions in this thread! :green_heart:


Updated two systems to it.
The update went perfectly fine for one.
For the other, it finished the install but mentioned the presence of errors. It appears to work fine except the evolution stuff (time, calendar) missing in the general indicator applet.


Remember to change upgrade to any release and not just LTS in software sources for the upgrade prompt to show.

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Thank you for catching that! I'll update the post - thankfully the next two releases are also interim so if I 'borrow' a post, it'll be okay once I fix it.

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I have been using groovy proposed in my software sources for a couple of weeks already. Have not had any issues so far and I am typing this from a laptop while watching the progress bar slowly progress across the screen on my desktop. Its looking quite fetching at the moment.


Haven't found a GUI to customize the new login screen.
Settings are located in org/ArcticaProject/arctica-greeter in dconf-editor for those that want to tweak it (be careful or you will break stuff).

Some things I noticed.

  • There's a bug in Caja since 19.10. The first time I right click on the recycle bin, empty recycle bin will be missing. I have to click again on it in order for this choice to display. Don't know whether it's related to my language or not.
  • When you click on the shutdown button in the panel, Éteindre... (=shutdown) has been replaced with Arrêt en cours... (=ongoing shutdown...) which doesn't make sense. Wish I knew where to fix this on Transifex.

Other than this, it feels polished to me and great to use, as usual.


I have been using Groovy on my PC since mid-Aug and haven't had any breakages. It runs smooth.

I have an issue with Boutique though. It is empty, no listing. I was told it was normal during development cycle but now beta is out, still it is empty. Can anybody running beta testing please confirm if they are seeing this issue or it is only on my PC?

It's the same for everyone I guess.
It says version; 20.04.1 at the bottom. Should soon be updated to 20.10.

Thank you @Utsuro.

I can confirm this. While I also have another language set, this (mis)behavior is seen even when you check under English language.

Check in master--mate-power-manager.

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Thanks for your suggestion @saivinoba
On Transifex, shutdown is correctly translated in master--mate-power-manager. Can't find any trace of the wrong translation (Arrêt en cours... instead of Éteindre...)

Further to my post Ubuntu Testing Week - Ubuntu MATE 20.10

A fix has been implemented that corrects the issue I talked about there, alas it's consequence is Lubuntu/Xubuntu/Ubuntu (and possibly other flavors) no longer boot on

  • hp dc7700
  • hp dc7900

I plan to do some work on a workaround tomorrow (I've not read the last 5 comments on report & won't be able tonight). This is just an FYI (& please don't shoot the messenger!)


The issue with #1899308 has finally been fixed with

casper 1.455

which currently only exists in Ubuntu groovy daily of 2020-10-16.4, but with time it'll make it to our flavors :slight_smile:

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Release Candidates for 20.10 have been released.

This will be the last opportunity to check the 20.10 release for any major issues.
If possible please try and download the RC and run through some of the test cases and post on the ISO Tracker.


@franksmcb, you mentioned in test case 1300 as passed but we have open bug #1895875. The instruction reads,

If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result.

What is correct action here? I showed result as 'Failed'. All the steps in test passed except step-20.

Started upgrading to UMate 20.10. The process is still going on - smoothly. But title of the Distribution Upgrade box I got is "Upgrading Ubuntu to version 20.04"!

Thanks for the update.

I'll take a look and see if I can replicate.

Has anybody tried screen-reader install? I am not able to test it at all. Firstly I don't hear the drums. I think that is due to bug where volume is muted by default. But pressing Super+1 does not start installation. If I manually start installer, it does not read anything. But if I press Alt+Super+S, it says screen reader stopped, meaning it was functioning!

We've gone back and forth on that one.

It is a critical bug, however it does not appear that a fix will be in before the release. I've switched to marking them as passed, as the system is still completely functionally unaffected. That being said you need to mark them as you see it.

Also thanks for testing them @saivinoba