Welcome starting screen with finnish " Tervetuloa"

Finland is still 5 million nation and origin of Linus Torvalds :slight_smile:

Would you like to add our national Welcome, Tervetuloa =)


I just added Finnish, but it’ll require some Finnish translators before we can say Tervetuloa. :slight_smile:


Alright, for better or for worse I’ve joined the team to get translating done into Finnish. As we sell computers in Finland almost solely with UbuntuMATE sold on them, and are now moving to 16.04, getting Welcome (and SW Boutique!) translated is important for us.

A silly question – when I run into missing translations, how do I determine where they’re missing from? For example Shotwell, under the Applications menu, only has an English tooltip. I presume that’s an issue for the Shotwell project. Is there one clear way to determine where/how a particular project is handling their own translations, or is it just a hodgepodge with some using Transifex, some LaunchPad, some something else?

And what about the case where it’s not so clear WHERE the text is? For example the shutdown dialog in 14.04 was only 50% translated into Finnish – not immediately clear what project that might belong to.

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You’d be right – there isn’t a central place for every translatable piece of software – there is far too many software packages for that. Although, I think we should form a list linking to each project’s translations for our default set of applications. :slight_smile:

Names, descriptions and tooltips of applications come from their desktop launcher (see /usr/share/applications/), but each project will probably accept translations, at least in the source repository where they keep the code.

The shutdown dialogue is part of the MATE Desktop (which can be translated here).

Alright!!! Largely due to an incredible push by @rgb, Finnish is now 100% complete!!! Silly Question: how to handle getting the strings reviewed AND how then is it possible to include the translated strings in an installed version of UbuntuMATE even before it is officially 100% translated and reviewed? tia!

There is no review procedure in place yet -- but we're asking the community for people interested in reviewing translations for Welcome: