Where is the discussion? Is Ubuntu Mate still alive?

Just curious, where is all the discussion? In the past, when I new version was released, this site would explode. Since April 2024, not much increased activity. There is not even a "24-04-Noble Numbat-LTS" tag. Have people lost interest in Ubuntu Mate or is 24.04 not what people were expecting?


I see 47 posts on this site currently using 24-04-noble-LTS ? You may have missed it.

You can do a search for 24.04 questions using Search results for 'tags:24-04-noble-LTS' - Ubuntu MATE Community

As for your actual question; I'm more of a fly on the wall probably on this discourse... I'm involved in a number of Ubuntu teams, far more so than Ubuntu MATE, so I don't see myself as an ideal person to actually speak in regards Ubuntu MATE discussions (to me it's just part of the wider Ubuntu family)


Maybe I did miss it, but I just went back as if I was creating a new post and looked again under the drop menu for tags. I still do not see it.

I rarely create posts on this site, however if I click to add a new post a window appears allowing me to create title, category, add tags & an area for my actual post.

If I jump (click or tab) to the optional tags field, rather than selecting via drop-down I'd just type 24 and a split second later I can select "24-04-noble-LTS" with it telling me its been used 47 times thus far.

I've only [extremely] recently been made a moderator on this site, and whilst I'm aware discourse can be setup differently on various sites, its still very similar, and I'd expect the same behavior for anyone with posting permissions (I don't intend creating another account for me to test it). Maybe because I use different discourse sites (as user & also as moderator), I thus know they are setup differently, I've learnt to avoid differences (ie. using the search feature to find the tag I want), but I suggest you look again for it.


Yes there is still interest in Ubuntu Mate. Best flavour by my likings.


The only desktop I will use.