Why do you use Linux? And why did you choose Ubuntu MATE?

coz my company doesn't like Windows. So Linux or MacOS.
MacOS no go for me, awful stuff... so i have a small hell with linux,
some flexibility indeed is good, but some many loopholes, pitfalls, unfinished or unpolished stuff....
TCO is much higher than dreaded Windows ...

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I use Linux because:

  • it gives me all I need
  • it is much more capable than Windows

I switched to Linux due to two reasons:

  • Windows XP was retired with no decent successor
  • Ubuntu 8.04 proved to be desktop-ready system

I use Ubuntu Mate because I feel myself at home with it. It does not ruin my habitual desktop experience.

I became very tired of the whole "I know what is best for you!" attitude hanging over my windows computer. When I expressed my dismay to one of my sons, he told me all about Mint Cinnamon. So, naturally, I tried Ubuntu. Mate that is. UM is now my office machine op sys. and I am quite satisfied with it. Turns out that one DOES HAVE to learn more about computers to enjoy Any Linux distro, despite the claims that anyone can just jump out a window right onto Linux and have no problems. There is a perception gap between "what everybody who uses a computer knows" and "what a Linux Developer thinks every body who uses a computer knows".
That's OK. Linux people bring great honor the the "Geek Kingdom".
I still continue to check out other distros , having fun in the process and learning good stuff even while I get stuff done.
Thanks UM Team !


This is so true! I think it holds true in many trades, but it seems especially apparent in computer desktops.

There's also the scratch-your-own-itch aspect that drives many Linux developers, as opposed to doing it to meet some business/marketing goals (although we need those too), which drives that disconnect between developer and user.


The upgrade to 18.04 ruined my return to Linux. Too many things were broken. I filed 5 or 6 bug reports. I waited patiently for .1 and .2 but nothing got fixed. Instead, more things started to break. Finally, Wine broke---MT4 couldn't connect to the internet any more. That was the deal breaker. I was gritting it out, with CLI and workarounds, but I need MT4 to run reliably.

It was time for a hardware upgrade anyway, so the main Thinkpad is now running Win 7 again---fast and stable, with light CPU load. The 18.04 is retired to the back room, where it is mainly a media player. Even with that, VLC shows a white screen with some files---the same files show fine in Win 7. A blockchain app designed to stay connected continuously now requires periodic reboot, after running fine for months. The main reason I put up with it is because it is running a Plex media server reliably, and I've been too lazy to migrate it to Windows. At some point the old file server (also running 18.04) will die, and this will be retired to file server duty, with gladness.

I grade Gimp and Transmission A. Thunderbird an A-. Compiz a B+. Firefox a C. (I've switched to Brave as default browser.) Everything else is C- or worse. Overall experience a C. On the other hand, 16.04.x I would rate A-. If I had kept a drive image of my 16.04 install I would be using it happily right now. I just don't want to put in the time and labor of tinkering with a new install until I've got everything just right again.

Sorry, this is off-topic, or contra-topic. I made a couple of enthusiastic posts earlier, so I thought it might be relevant to report how it all panned out. I'm done. The Linux desktop has hit a glass ceiling. It's going nowhere, because the development model makes impossible a concerted focus on user experience. It makes me feel like I am its servant, not the other way around. I'm not going to try it ever again, unless a company is supporting it for profit. I will continue to use Linux as the LAN file server, and store all my data on Ext4 file system----this work it does superbly. Zero complaints.

I extend warm appreciation to the developers anyway, and to all the wonderful people who tried to help me solve things here at the forum. I wish everyone a great weekend!

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