Why do you use Linux? And why did you choose Ubuntu MATE?

coz my company doesn't like Windows. So Linux or MacOS.
MacOS no go for me, awful stuff... so i have a small hell with linux,
some flexibility indeed is good, but some many loopholes, pitfalls, unfinished or unpolished stuff....
TCO is much higher than dreaded Windows ...

I use Linux because:

  • it gives me all I need
  • it is much more capable than Windows

I switched to Linux due to two reasons:

  • Windows XP was retired with no decent successor
  • Ubuntu 8.04 proved to be desktop-ready system

I use Ubuntu Mate because I feel myself at home with it. It does not ruin my habitual desktop experience.

I became very tired of the whole "I know what is best for you!" attitude hanging over my windows computer. When I expressed my dismay to one of my sons, he told me all about Mint Cinnamon. So, naturally, I tried Ubuntu. Mate that is. UM is now my office machine op sys. and I am quite satisfied with it. Turns out that one DOES HAVE to learn more about computers to enjoy Any Linux distro, despite the claims that anyone can just jump out a window right onto Linux and have no problems. There is a perception gap between "what everybody who uses a computer knows" and "what a Linux Developer thinks every body who uses a computer knows".
That's OK. Linux people bring great honor the the "Geek Kingdom".
I still continue to check out other distros , having fun in the process and learning good stuff even while I get stuff done.
Thanks UM Team !


This is so true! I think it holds true in many trades, but it seems especially apparent in computer desktops.

There's also the scratch-your-own-itch aspect that drives many Linux developers, as opposed to doing it to meet some business/marketing goals (although we need those too), which drives that disconnect between developer and user.

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