18.04 Release response


If you open the panel’s properties by right clicking a blank part of the panel like a separator, you can uncheck expand. Then you can drag the panel to the second monitor. So add a second panel. Then drag it to your second monitor.


You need to do a sudo apt-get upgrade install-dist.


why not do same in Linux and play sound direct to ALSA device?

KX packages have been a problem in all Ubuntu versions for a while and not due for update to 18.04 for another 2 or 3 months


A gentle request to please link to bug reports so all of this will actually be fixed.


How? I can’t figure this stuff out on my own, I am not a techie. I googled and researched quite a bit to figure out the wineasio solution because I don’t like the Rhythmbox interface, and it does not support customization like Foobar does. Foobar2000 has become a ‘must have’ app for me.

The KX packages worked for me in 16.04 to 17.1 but I remember it being a complicated install. It involved jackd and other manual configs. I don’t even remember! I should have kept a log of the steps (this is all too much work). I used to type in CLI pulseaudio -D after every boot.

(I don’t mean to hijack this thread which is about first impressions of 18.04)


Daniel, let me post a gentle reminder that for me Linux is not my life. I resent the time it eats up. If it is a matter of a few clicks I don’t mind at all. I always send crash reports when Ubuntu prompts me to. Having said that, I should say it is free software so bug reports are a fair price to pay. I’ll go to that section right now and read up how to do it. I don’t believe I have the technical knowledge to make intelligent bug reports.


I asked the question so if you could be so kind as to provide the walk through it would be highly appreciated. I started Rhythmbox, and it is now scanning my library at a crawling slow speed.


Hi all,

I have been using 18.04 since Beta 1 and don’t have any of the problems listed by many people above. I am using the “Traditional Panel” layout and have updated each and every time I switched on my PC in the morning, my only problem (not Ubuntu Mate related) is with My Weather Indicator which forgets which town I set it for at each boot, it seems to be okay now since the final was released!.

Anyone having a specific problem with something should start their own thread if they haven’t already done so!. :smiley:


Thanks for that mate, I have marked myself as affected on the bug report.
Can you say if this also happens for windows that correspond to their own program?
(What I mean is, This About window is not actually an individual program, instead it’s one window of the larger mate-dock-applet program)


I haven’t found another example, yet, that is exactly like that.
Though I did notice that various programs are a bit inconsistent in the way additional windows do/do not show up in dock applet / window list.
Some examples:

  • Pluma: both Preferences and About window are shown in dock applet, but not in window list (only the main Pluma window)
  • Caja: Preferences shows up in window list only, About shows up in neither


Ok, after the first 24h on clean installation of UM18.04

dconf reset -f /

terminal commnd that makes system to work fine
(I can’t repeat all of issues already explained in other topic)


Another oddity I noticed is that in 18.04 the systray icon of Skype is multiplied depending on the panel size. E.g. with a height of 32 it shows up twice, at 64 it is shown three times.


I get it. It is not my life either but it does enable me to work and study and use my computer for much longer than the windows lifespan. I know it’s annoying but bug reports make the entire project better. :slight_smile: Plus I think it’s a small price to pay. If everyone just submitted one bug a lot of this would be fixed quickly.


After a Skype update, the main Skype icon on desktop shows ‘preview’ and there’s two (yes…2) smaller icons in the top panel… and this is on UM 17.10.


, I upgraded from 17.10 yesterday with update-manager -cd (other way didn’t work) . I’m using the new Familiar panel now. Everything run, and run faster than before.

The only problem is the boot time (very very slow), probably due to my old hardware and bios.
But the important thing is that everything work, the desktop is very beautiful, and all my apps and configurations are ok after upgrading.

Great work!


Hi Vlad, the dconf reset definitely helped me. I got my desktop icons and right click menu back. I reloaded my custom panel setup, and changed my theme back to dark. I’m almost home free. Only Compiz is still broken, but it is not a deal breaker for me. Fingerprint authentication is still broken, which is a PITA!


I am glad to hear (read) that.
Ok, even commercial systems have their bugs before first patches…



I’ve installed UM 18.04 earlier this week and I was kind of displeased with some of it’s behavior.

  • Notifications - I read some discussion about notifications in latest UM. First of all, I really dislike it now. Mostly, because apps like Skype, Discord etc. do not appear in the new “complete notification tray” but do in the older one. I can’t right-click on the icons in the new tray, but I can in the older one (and some apps require me to do so). Is it possible to choose what “icons” do you want in particular tray - I beg your pardon - something like in Windows, where you can choose, whether to display volume button and/or others. This way I would be able to move buttons to places I prefer. (Like having my "system settings and switch off button placed where I like it without moving with volume buttons etc.)
  • Performance of panels was also kind of disappointing. When I installed the system and tried to move clock applet around the system just froze. And I had to hard restart it in 2018 :smiley: (but I was more like :…( )
  • The Mate Dock Applet works, but It throws errors every two minutes (which I “fixed” by type checking if-then I placed somewhere). I would also like to have option to change arrangement of icons from left-to-right to right-to-left and center in applet or center in panel. If someone would be able to tell me, whether centering feaure is achievable, I would be glad. I’m trying to hack it nowdays. (I don’t like Plank :D)
  • Icon of Firefox is HUGE in preffered apps menu. Some other icons are also bigger than they should be.
  • Resizing of windows is not smooth from some reason.
  • After switching to compiz desktop selection applet was showing nothing.
  • I’ve uninstalled software, yet somehow, the app is still present?

I would also like to ask you, what is the general opinion about using compiz in UM and is it stable enough? I had serious issues with Compiz in 16.04. It was cranshing randomly and switching to macro. I would like to use compiz, since Macro lacks some features I use.

Thank you for the UM. I love it.


Yes, indeed. Windows is much improved from a decade ago. Updates won’t break your desktop. There is a migration tool for version upgrades. But, it is bloated and slow and needs rebooting a lot. And, it does not have multiple workspaces! :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, my workspace switcher stopped working. I switched to Marco window manager and now it’s working. But my desktop icons are locked! The column which was on the left side of display 0 is now in the middle, and the column that was on the right side of display 0 is now in the middle of display 1. I cannot drag them anywhere, whether ‘Aligned…’ is checked or not. I have turned desktop icons off, and restored the Places menu. Not a deal breaker.

Also, samba mounts don’t show up on desktop if mounted from CLI, but they do show up if network server is accessed from Caja. I didn’t ask for that level of auto mounting but I can live with it. It is 2018 and Linux still cannot auto mount my Samba shares for me. :slight_smile:


I believe W10 has multiple workspaces :slight_smile: M