Cannot edit an old thread of mine?


I wanted to make some changes to this thread:

Ubuntu Mate Update Guide

but there is no “Edit” button?.

Can one of the devs/mods tell me why please. :smiley:

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Do you see the 3 dots beneath your post?

you should be able to click on it as it will nreveal the edit-button (pencil icon).


thanks for your response, all I get is this?:

Hello!; anyone there?, the problem still exists!. :cry:


I seriously would like to get this issue resolved, I can edit some threads but not the one linked above?. :frowning:

Try now, I’ve made it a Wiki post.

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Cool :sunglasses: Link?

I've looked in menus for a wiki, done a Search on 'wiki', ...


thanks, it is working fine now!. :smiley:

I only have one further question, isn’t allowing anyone to edit it a little dangerous?.

If it isn’t checked on a regular basis, anyone could include commands that will ruin someone’s install!.. :frowning:

Discourse determines the trust level based on the user's activity. By default, a Basic User (1) would be allowed to edit a Wiki post, but admins/moderators should be able to bump this up to level 2 (members) or level 3 (regular) if it became a problem.

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Thanks for the info @lah7 !. :smiley:


Hi Martin,

once again I wanted to edit a thread but cannot due to the lack of the edit button, the thread in question is here:

I still need a fix for this please mods!. :frowning:

Is now a wiki post :slight_smile:

Thanks Wimpy,

there are still a few others I am having problems with and I will contact you again in due course!. :smiley:

Hi chaps,

I need to edit this thread please:

Changed to a Wiki post. :thumbsup:

If you find any more older threads that have passed the edit time (60 days), do let us know.

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Wilco @lah7. :smiley:

Here is another one:

Now a Wiki post. If you prefer, all your guides could become Wiki posts so you can update them when necessary?

Thanks, that is a good idea!. :smiley:

I wanted to delete something the other day but it wouldn’t let me, I will post that in another thread when I have more time later!. :smiley: