Compiz Fix by Default

Using Compiz?

No doubt you have come across this issue:

Well there is a simple fix:

Not to worry though Mr Wimpress is well aware of it:

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TL;DW (too long didn’t watch) : To fix Chrome issues where windows under it would be unresponsive, go to CCSM (install it first if you don’t have it), go to the Workarounds section, and disable the first one “Keep previews of minimized windows”, and done.


Why is this in MS / V? Shouldn’t this be in maybe, oh dunno, TT&T / T&T?

Thats pretty much it :slight_smile:

I don’t know somebody moved it from TT&T :confused:

I guess the current format of the post mostly looks like promoting video rather than giving actual advice – the format for giving advice would probably be text, as the videos are rather long for such a simple problem that takes ~5 clicks to solve.

Plus, some people are allergic to video tutorials. Text tutorials are generally good.

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Please click on the edit to see what happen.

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