Problem translating Welcome - Git command not found

Hi Luke,

I am having a problem saving the bitbucket link on my PC, I have started translating on a normal office doc and will send that to you if I can’t sort out the bitbucket thingy!.

You can just paste it into the app once I have finished it which should be next week sometime!. :smiley:

Which section are you stuck on? I’m not sure what you mean by saving the BitBucket link. :confused:

This bit, I just cannot save it to my PC and I don't know why?:

Do you get an error message? Is git installed? At this point you should copy and paste your version of the command to a terminal (in the folder you’d like to store it), and git will do the rest.

Yep, Git is installed but it won't take it in the terminal (the command) for some reason?. I tried it a couple of times. :frowning:

I created a new folder called "git" to store the command in, what am I doing wrong?. :frowning:

I've moved our conversation to a new topic, just so we can focus on this little hiccup.

A directory called git shouldn't really cause the problem, although from your screenshot you're still outside the directory, so Bash may be trying to enter that directory to find no clone there. :slight_smile:

mkdir git
cd git
git clone <URL>

Typing git on its own should list all the possible commands.

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Thanks Luke, that did it!. :smiley:

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Another small matter Luke, are the 3rd and 4th lines supposed to be like that or should that be one small sentence instead of 2 separate lines?:

I also need to know if this should be in an informal or formal language as there is a big difference in German between friends and a mere acquaintance?. :smiley:

That’s normal @wolfman. Some strings are split because of formatting tags (in this case, #ubuntu-mate is shown in code tags). My other post has another example too.

I’d say Welcome is quite formal, so towards a mere acquaintance. Imagine the atmosphere if you had introduced a complete stranger to the world of Ubuntu MATE for the first time, or are reading a fairly factual instruction book. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @lah7,

formal it is then!. :smiley:

Though I must point out that on German language Linux forums, they address each other in an informal manner like they are all buddies/mates/pals/chums etc!. :smiley:

It’s like asking how friendly a computer should be. Welcome is full of facts, written to inform, not chit-chat. :slight_smile:

You could ask or invite other native German speakers to check out your translations and see if they’d interpret the original English differently?

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Don’t worry, I already have that covered, 2 German friends of mine will look it over before I upload to make sure that it is in order!. :smiley:

Hi @lah7,

me again, I couldn’t get the test thingy to work, I followed all the commands and everything is still showing in English.

I am about halfway though the translation (I haven’t completed it fully yet) so something at least should show in German, do I need to upload what I have thus far to the Bitbucket server first?. :smiley:

Just for reference, I had my OS installed in English originally and changed it to German as an afterthought, both English and German language packs are installed!. :smiley:

If you would like, I could send you my complete folder via PM or EMail and you could check it out, I have it backed up if things go wrong!.

The guide has been updated lately. Do you get any error messages when running this command?

./edgar-allan translate-all

This generates the HTML files for all translations (saved in PO files).

If that works, check you have the same locale code as the PO file you've been editing, for example, if it's de_de:

./ubuntu-mate-welcome --verbose --locale=de_de

(The code is case sensitive!)

For reference, some German locale codes:

German - Austria - de_at
German - Germany - de_de
German - Liechtenstein - de_li
German - Luxembourg - de_lu
German - Switzerland - de_ch

No. Git is decentralized, they're both separate until you start pushing and pulling changes. To share your changes so far, you'd type:

git add *
git commit -m "Partial German translation"
git push

Then your changes will appear on your fork.

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Hi Luke,

the folder in which it is stored only has "de" as a name, I was typing de_DE and de_de when trying to run it in the terminal, it is now showing up in German!. :smiley:

Thanks for your patience!. :smiley:


I think we should have “ubuntu-mate-welcome” resource on Transifex. It’s much easier and comfortable for translators to work with.

Don’t worry @meequz, @lah7 has our backs if we get into trouble!. :smiley:

I have never done translating on this scale and I don’t know the difference between the various translation apps that are available anyway, I am sure that the Ubuntu Mate dev team are doing their best to make it as easy as possible for us!. :smiley:

Transifex was considered, as the rest of MATE uses it. Welcome should be added to Transifex in future, but most likely not before 16.04. As @Wimpy is pushed for time, and found Transifex to be technical for integrating Welcome, we opted for plan A: Poedit and BitBucket. :relieved:

As members have expressed interest and may be new to translation, I wrote a guide to help. Otherwise, Welcome wouldn’t be multilingual in time for 16.04 LTS! :earth_africa:

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Ok. I’m not hurry you up. I know you work on distro in your free time and I appreciate it. Thank you for the answer and for the guide.