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i have Ubuntu Mate 15.10 on a Raspberry Pi 2.

This is intended only as a status monitor . therefore no keyboard is connected.

If the device now is simply turned off , it always starts in emergency mode .

Then I need to connect a keyboard to enter this set: systemctl default.

so I need a way to disable this emergency mode . Are there opportunities ?

kind regards

Just an idea: whats about an timeout on emergency mode like 1 or 0 seconds to skip in default like windows.

Linux doesn't just like to be turned off. Files can become corrupted, which is why when it starts up it enters 'Emergency Mode'.

Emergency mode is not something that can be disabled. It is the system telling you that all is not well.

At the minimum, I would install a mouse, so that you can cleanly close down the system when you need to.

Alternatively, add something like this, which provides buttons to shut down and restart:

There is some stuff in the following post I initiated a few days ago on this community at:

Thank you.
I understand the meaning behind it .

I have the device now very often simply taken from the stream and he still runs .
it just annoys me that I must always bring out the keyboard to start the pi .

Is there a workaround or another OS that does not bother me ?

It may be that the filing system has become corrupted and needs to be repaired.

Take a look at this thread ( particularly the fourth post by @lah7 )

Thanks for your help.

I naturally first googled , but even after hours I have only found such things as you have posted .

However , my problem is not the trigger and I do not want to bring the SD card back in order , but simply bypass the entry .

I’m not sure you can do that. Perhaps someone else can answer your question.

Instead of just pulling the power, why don’t you ssh in and give it a graceful shutdown?

sudo poweroff

Wait until the activity light for the SD card stops blinking and then you can safely pull the power.

No OS likes to have power pulled while it’s running.

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the power supply is coupled to another device .
This unit is turned on in the morning and in the evening off by anyone .

I thank you , but all this has nothing to do with my question .
Please no further information about “OS doesnt like this and this”.

even Windows waits 10 seconds and then just keep making .

If you refuse to do things right (either gracefully shut down the Pi, put the Pi on a separate power supply and leave it always on, or use one of the hardware solutions available), then you can force and automatic repair. Edit /etc/default/rcS and change the line




Be aware that by doing this you are leaving yourself open to the possibility of completely corrupting your SD card.

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I just have the same problem and solved as follow: