Synapse and ibus

Hello, I installed ibus so I can type pali (language for Buddhists).

  1. Synapse is broken now. I uninstalled ibus, but it makes no difference so I reinstalled it.
  2. I saw a bug for this in lp but I do not know how to set IBUS_NO_SNOOPER_APPS
  3. I also want to set a custom file as stated in but the directory does not exist anymore. Any help on this would be good.

Hi @bksubhuti,

take a look here as I don’t use it so cannot really help you further:

Use the Language Support utility (also available via Welcome in the Getting Started section) and set the Input Method to “auto”.

You’ll need to log out and back in again, but Synapse should work again. This is a known issue in Synapse and I hope to push a fix to 16.04 soon.

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I just reinstalled Mate.
Before I did anything. I played with the language support.
Where it says “Input method” I moved it to the only choice it had (it was previously blank) maybe that was called auto or none… I cannot remember.
That messed up synapse the next time I logged in (maybe second boot).
Then I reinstalled again, knowing to stay clear away from that screen. I will use a libreoffice writer macro to make my language support.

I do not want to do this all over again. Once you use synapse, you cannot go back.

This is a heavy bug for me. and this happened on a fresh install, changing only that feature. (after setting synapse to autostart in the synapse preferrences).
Hopefully you can test this and let me know. I am in school and cannot do this again. I lost lots of mb on my data plan to reinstall.

When (and if) you have to do a fresh install, follow this guide and all your data will still be there if you DON'T FORMAT HOME!.